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termiteTermite or white ants are social insects are commonly live in communities under the soil. Their colony comprises of six castes i.e. Queen, king, winged adult, complimentary caste, workers and soldiers, The queen who lays 70,000 to 80,000 eggs in 24 hours, lives in royal chamber, feeds on royal jelly and is surrounded by soldiers and worker ants that guard the colony and look for food which includes wood and cellulose material which they eat and digest. It is therefore, the worker termite, which damage the building structure.

How does termite attack and damage:

Termite (Deemak) attacks building structures entering from below ground level through the foundations and spread to the upper levels through joints floor, wall cavities and their enter space of brick and stone work by this way termite reaches up to the wood work. Termite which attack buildings is not only limited to wood work but also to other materials as sound of dead wood, structural timber, furniture and transmission poles, trees, shrubs, paper, books, clothes, stored grain and other human food, underground insulation, carpets and leather goods, wall board and wall paper etc.

How to detect the termite:

Anybody can detect the termite infestation by looking swarms, galleries in wood, mud tubes, soil passages. Treatment to control termites is designed on the basis of life style and behaviour. Since termites have their nest inside the soil, a chemical barrier between soil and the structure is the most effective means to control the termite’s movement and there by preventing damage.

D-Line undertakes Pre and Post anti-termite treatments with assurance. Ideally, the anti-termite treatments are to be provided at different stages of building construction however, do not worry, if your building is infested with termite after the construction, we are competent enough to provid post construction anti-termite to get rid of termites.