D-Line offers unconditionally the best pest control services in this region. Our continuous services consists of constant inspection and treatment as necessary.

Our portfolio includes excellence in providing following services:

  • General Disinfestations
    The insects cover more than ¾ part of entire world fauna and are the biggest enemy of human being due to vital role played by them for human health and economy as they destroy stored grains..

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  • Flies/Mosquito Control
    Flies harm human beings by transmitting micro-organism disease – germs on their mouth parts, body hairs or sticky pads of their feet, some fly inflict the human beings by their sting..

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  • Anti-Termite Treatments
    Termite or white ants are social insects are commonly live in communities under the soil. Their colony comprises of six castes i.e. Queen, king, winged adult, complimentary caste, workers..

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  • Rodent Control
    Rats and mice comprise of major group of pests which are of great economic importance due to their role in problems of food and health of Mankind. Rats live at our expense, invading..

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  • Birds Control/ Aves Control
    Bird droppings are considered as major source of contamination, as they are cess pool of insect infestation, viral, fungal and bacterial diseases. Droppings also cause destruction..

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  • Weeds Control
    Any plant that is found out of its place where it is not desired is termed as weed or weed means a useless and harmful plant persists in growing where it is not wanted..

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