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rodent Rats and mice comprise of major group of pests which are of great economic importance due to their role in problems of food and health of Mankind. Rats live at our expense, invading our home, eating our food and damaging our commodities. Unfortunately they spoil more food then what they eat. They contaminate stored food by their urine and faeces.

They damage cables, electric wires, foundation, pipes, woodwork, and packaging material etc. They damage agricultural crops, irrigation canals and dams. They are capable of transmitting plague, typhus, salmonella, rat-bit fever etc. They are carriers of disease transmitters-Fleas.

Major areas where rats pose problems are sea port, ships, defense establishments, industrial townships etc. food processing units, bakeries, poultry, cattle farms, cattle feed mills, bottling units, pharmaceuticals, soap and oil factories, paper industry, residential colonies, warehouses, hotels and restaurants, railways, airports etc.

Rats are very cunning, active and prolific breeders. The house mouse can produce 8-10 litters each year and each litter contains five to seven your mice. Within 21 days, the young are active outside the nest and within 42 days are sexually mature and ready to reproduce.

Hence control measures require great deal but do not worry, because D-Line has expertise and experienced professional to provide you effective control measures involve employing different methods like use of poison, setting up tamper proof bait stations, fumigation of burrows, trapping, improvement of environmental sanitation, and protection of buildings by proofing measures etc. either in combination or in sequence.