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The insects cover more than ¾ part of entire world fauna and are the biggest enemy of human being due to vital role played by them for human health and economy as they destroy stored grains, sizable part of crops, household goods and living stock. Insect infestation could also cause the rejection, recall and or return of consignments, which would not only lead to monetary losses but could also stake your reputation and business.

Because safety and environmental considerations are becoming so important today, that every pest/insect problem is beginning to require individual strategy. Unlike old times D-Line provide these services with chemicals which are now practically Eco-friendly, odorless, non-staining, non-toxic and have long residual effect to control the pest like:

  1. Cockroaches,
  2. House Crickets,
  3. Bed Bug,
  4. Wax Moth,
  5. Clothes Moth,
  6. Carpet Beetles,
  7. Book Louse,
  8. Silver Fish,
  9. Black Ants,
  10. Red Ants,
  11. Bees and
  12. Other crawling household pests

be it your home, your work place or a place where you go for entertainment.