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flies Flies harm human beings by transmitting micro-organism disease – germs on their mouth parts, body hairs or sticky pads of their feet, some fly inflict the human beings by their sting and cause pain like wasps and some also serve s a intermediate host – like house fly, sand flies, mosquitoes etc. House flies are mechanical vectors, spread a number of human diseases like epidemic, diarrhea, amoebic and bacillary dysentery, cholera. Mosquitoes species are carrier of malarial parasite, transmits filarial and yellow fever to human being. The management for these vectors needs to encompass considerations of health as well as environment issues.

Flies have four developmental stages in their life cycles – the egg, larva, pupa and adult. The egg stage is very short, and the pupae are well protected against the entry of any insecticidal solutions. This leaves only the larval and adult stages as the most effective and realistic targets of control measures, as many of the larvae of these flies live on the organic debris that is found in the soil, potted plant etc. so larval control should be carried out particularly in areas where plants are grown.

D-Line’s programme to control the flies/mosquitoes, involves indoor spray of pesticides having long residual effect, non-toxic, odorless, stainless and safe for human health also. Out door spray should be provided where water logging present, garbage ares, and possible breeding areas and precautionary all around the building.